From an early age, growing up in a small town in the Sierra mountains, I've always had a fondness of natural beauty. I enjoyed a childhood surrounded by picturesque maintain tops, caressed by the morning mist, and a wilderness that one can only witness in isolation. I learned quickly that I wanted to capture this kind of beauty and share it with the world. 


    After attaining my associates degree in photography, I soon realized that in order to grow, I would need to leave the peace and tranquility of my home town. So, I left to pursue my passion at California State University, Sacramento and took a position at the campus newspaper, the State Hornet. The fast paced environment was stressful and demanding, but I forced myself to stay with it because I knew it would make me a stronger photographer. As a student, I had the opportunity to work in a professional studio and hone my skills with lighting, product and portrait photography. 

    After two years of senior projects, internships and working three jobs, I graduated with my Bachelors Degree and went to work for Prestige Portraits. I felt like I'd finally reached my goal! Watching my clients faces light up when seeing my work and knowing they would cherish these images forever brought me tremendous joy. 

    As time went on, I started to branch out, looking for ways to advance my network and skill set. I was hired by friends and acquaintances to shoot their college and family portraits, as well as bridal showers and birthday parties. Before I knew it, I was devoting more time to outside work than my nine-to-five day job. So I decided to launch my own business, Danielle Alysse Photography. I have since, specialized in wedding and portrait photography, with a specific focus on capturing the moments that families treasure for generations. With every shoot, I get to meet an amazing couple that has a beautiful story and it is my honor to help them tell it.

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